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Is It Crystal Clear?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Welcome to my Mystical World!

As I have a Reiki Level II, I thought I would explain that at certain points on our spinal system are known to have chakras (wheels of light) where each wheel is a colour depending on its energy, frequency and vibration (see Tesla - the famous physicist). You can access Reiki chakra charts in books and on the internet which will show you the order of the colours down our head and spinal column..

There are seven chakras in the spinal body. They are: (top of the head) the crown chakra = white, (middle of the forehead) third eye chakra = purple, throat chakra = blue, heart chakra = green, the solar plexus chakra= yellow, the sacral chakra = orange and finally, the root (base) chakra is red. Isaac Newton famous for first showing us a prism splitting white light up, identified colours which shows that each colour is a different level of energy. The Reiki System is even older than Isaac Newton!!

Each crystal has its own colour and energy. and using the energy helps us improve our health.

In the beginning of Mystic Miracles: The Crystal Child, I show each of Crystalina's crystals in order to show the crystal garlands matches each of the chakras.

I will update you with any information I have on the crystals.

Symbols of the Mystical World

Crystals are just one of the symbols from the mystical world. There are many others, for example this symbol is about light energy, well there is sound energy as well which helps us heal and comfort ourselves. Do you find listening to the rain falling soothing or listening to the waves on a beach coming in restful? Sound is all around us.. That is why I included a Kingdom of Sound in my book as one of the ten kingdoms..

If you have any questions I will try to answer them - so send me an email.

Christine Ann Baxter

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