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Shop of Secrets

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I remember being told about a shop where you could buy anything from an elephant to a newspaper and I thought why couldn't the mystical world have a shop like that? So I wrote it into my book and called it the Shop of Secrets.

The Shop of Secrets is where you can get anything you need for yourself, your home and for all those who live there in the mystical world. It is a department store and on each floor from the ground up to the second floor you can get tickle towels from the household department because when they are wrapped around you they start to tickle you and make you giggle and laugh! There are hats of sunshine from the clothes department which make you smile when you wear one on top of your head. There is a music department where angels can get their harps, trumpets and anything musically needed. There is also material that can be made into coronation robes for the monarch butterflies and emperor penguins. Even kimonos for Japanese beetles and stretchy trousers for puffer fish for when they blow up too!

..... so what's your favourite?

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