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Kingdom of Light & Sound 2

Kingdom of Light & Sound 2

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My Story

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In my later years whilst living in Scotland, I gained a Bachelor Degree in Nursing but prior to this, I studied with the Open University with courses on science, astronomy, oceanography and the environment.  However, my primary school years were in Australia before returning to the U.K. 

I enjoy writing, drawing, listening to music, reading historical books, watching films and I especially love animals - aquariums are included!

I have always been drawn to the spiritual side of life too hence my interest in crystals, angels and unicorns.


C.C.B. - Caring, Child friendly, Belonging.

My Vision: To increase child self-development through using their imagination by reading uplifting and morale stories.  My Mission: To help children understand life's lessons and therefore improve the world's community through a series of books.


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Mystic Miracles: The Crystal Child, Book l

Imagine a world, not unlike a wizarding world but a mystical world set in the angelic realms made up of 10 kingdoms where even angels have their problems and have to go to school. The Head Angel of the Angel Academy sends one of her pupils to help out a kingdom - the Kingdom of Light. The pupil is called Crystalina and she has a special gift of being able to use the crystals and she is ruled over by the Crystal Council. With the help of some new friends, together they protect the kingdom from the evil Sharaha but she wants revenge not only over Crystalina and her friends but the Crystal Council as well and in my second book they have to call out for help from that most mightiest of  mystical creatures - the King of the Unicorns!


Also available on AMAZON  as a paperback and  an e-book

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions, comments or would like a copy of the privacy policy . Christine would love to hear from you.

So get in touch and don't forget you can check her out on her author's page at her publisher's site : Austin Macauley at!


Lives in  Lincolnshire, U.K.

Mobile: 07826249419

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